Information about Hueco Tanks

PLEASE READ All tours are subject to guide availability. If you do not hear from your guide within 24 hours of your tour, you can assume the tour will not go out. is here to help you find full and half-day bouldering, running, hiking, rock art, photography and yoga tours in Hueco Tanks guided access only regions of East Mountain, West Mountain, and The East Spur. A spot on an open tour is $25 per person, $10 for park fees plus $15 for your guide (tips are accepted and appreciated). The first person to request an open tour is the Primary member of the tour. The Primary gets to pick the main destination. All other participants will also get to voice where they would like to go within reasonable proximity of the Primary's original destination. Private tours can be requested. Fees for private tours are 10$ to the park and the guide fee is negotiable with the guide. When you request a tour, depending upon guide availability, a Wagon Wheel guide will contact you to arrange further details. If a guide does not contact you 24 hours before your requested tour, you can assume that your tour will not be able to go out. Requesting a tour does not guarantee that you have a spot on a tour or that a tour will go out on that date.
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You can cancel a tour up to seven days before a tour goes out by clicking on "Details" which is located next to your tour information on the tour page.
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Cash payments are due the day of your tour. If you want to arrange a prepayment via paypal or another form of payment with your guide you may request this by sending your guide an email. Seven days prior to your tour your guide can require that 50% of your total cost is due via paypal or another form of payment.
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In addition to the restricted areas and commercial tours there are also volunteer tours and North Mountain spots. North Mountain is a "self guided" area. North Mountain access is limited to 70 people per day. To secure one of these 70 spots you can make a reservation up to three months in advance by calling 1.512.389.8900. Also a park fee of $4 or a Texas State Park Pass and an annual orientation are required for North Mountain. Volunteer tours are arranged through Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site by calling the park headquarters at 1.915.857.1135 or visiting the office located at 6900 Hueco Tanks Road No 1, El Paso TX 79938. A volunteer tour is a $1 plus the park entrance fee of $4 or a Texas State Park Pass. This pass will only cover the park entrance fee.

About Hueco:

Hueco Tanks is composed of irregular masses of syenite porphyry which were eroded over the years creating unique rock formations and some of the best bouldering in the world!
People have been visiting Hueco Tanks for over 10,000 years! They have sought shelter from the elements and from enemies; they found food and water and worshiped gods in Hueco. They left their imprint in a fragile desert environment that today is still a place of worship and interest to many groups. In 1975 Mike Head came across this obscure pile of rock in the Texas desert. While he and his pals established routes in the area, they also foresaw the potential of climbing on all of the rock faces—even the smaller steep ones. Since then people have been addicted to bouldering in Hueco Tanks State Park. Word spread about this bouldering Mecca and curious climbers made the trek to the east El Paso site. The early days of unlocking Hueco's bouldering potential brought many visitors. Hueco was loved too much by all and abused by some as a result restrictions were put into place to protect the delicate landscape and rock art. East Mountain, West Mountain, and The East Spur are all guided access only areas. We provide you access to these historic bouldering destinations.
To read more about Hueco's rules and regulations and what the Historic Site has to offer, visit their web page.

Getting there:

From the El Paso airport, take Airway Boulevard south—exiting the airport, to the intersection of Airway and Montana. Montana is US Highway 62/180. Turn left (east) on Montana, and follow this out of town to FM 2775/Hueco Tanks Road. Your last stop for supplies is at the Montana Vista Mercado 13.5 miles from the airport on Hueco Mountain Rd.
Turn left (north) on 2775/Hueco Tanks Road (19.7 miles from airport), and follow this road toward the park. At this intersection there is a large white building that resembles a flying saucer this is the Hueco Mountain Estates real estate office. After taking a left at the spaceship building, follow for 5.2 miles and take a left onto Hueco Mountain Road if you are heading to the Co-Opt. If you have already arranged a tour proceed straight into the park. All tours will meet at the parking lot in front of the office unless otherwise specified by your guide.


Wagon Wheel Co-opt
Offers a Camper
The Hueco Rock Ranch
Offers Camping and Rooms
17498 Bettina Ave
El Paso, TX 79938
Gleather Land
Offers Camping, Yurts and Campers
7132 Delia Ave,
El Paso, TX 79938
The Hueco Hacienda
Offers Rooms
6841 Overland Stage Rd.
El Paso, TX 79938
Hueco Tanks Base Camp, Mountain Shop & Camping
Offers Camping
6011 Hueco Tanks Rd. El PAso TX 79938
Hueco Tanks
Offers Camping
6900 Hueco Tanks Rd #1
El Paso, TX 79938
(915) 857-1135
If you are looking for a motel in town the Joe Battle Value place is the closet motel
3610 Joe Battle Blvd
El Paso, TX 79938