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Wagonwheel Coopt Guide Service, Hueco Tanks, El Paso, TX

Wagonwheel Coopt provides bouldering, running, hiking, rock art, and yoga tours at Hueco Tanks State Historical Site, a world renowned rock climbing and bouldering area. Wagonwheel Coopt is a commercial guiding service located in far East El Paso, TX overlooking Hueco Tanks.

WWC Guiding in Hueco 2020 Covid

Similar to most things in life right now everything is a little different in a pandemic. Our main goal is to keep the office safe, keep our guides and our customers safe and keep Hueco open. If you're experiencing any signs or symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have been exposed do not go climbing. Your tour can be canceled.
“Mask must be worn when social distancing is not possible. It is best to wear the mask at all times, when hiking to the area and while climbing.”
— Ruben, TPWD
Masks are required in the office.
Masks should be work when handing paperwork off to the office through the side door.
Group Size:
10 people are still allowed until further notified by Hueco.
Wagon Wheel cannot book public tours with random people who are not traveling together—we can only take out people who are traveling together. Example: we can take out 2 groups of 4 if they all came to Hueco together and are staying and climbing together.
Entering the Park on Tour:
You will meet your guide outside of the Park and fill out paperwork. Follow your guide into the Park. Your guide will stop at the side office door and hand paperwork to Park staff. Proceed to the parking area agreed upon and wait for your guide.
Entering the Park for Nt Mt:
The Park will be allowing people in one at a time to check in for North Mountain. People will be held at the gate and sent in upon approval. Wear you mask when in the office.
Private single or limited size tours:
Are happening—check in as all regular tours.
Hand sanitizer—alcohol spritzers in the back country before, during and after climbing.
Rubbing alcohol, as we all know, has been a tool in a climber’s kit. Please bring and use of rubbing alcohol, spraying hands before climbing, spring holds after climbing and spring hands after climbing. Look for 95% to 99% alcohol purity.
While out in the backcountry:
Your guide will be smart and keep tours separate in the back county making efforts to keep WWC tours away from other WWC tours and other concessions.